Before the Interview


On The Day, Interview


During The interview


After Interview

During The interview

  • Give a firm handshake
  • Smile confidently
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Sit up straight
  • Listen attentively and show interest
  • Speak clearly and use a friendly tone
  • Clarify with interviewer if you are unsure of the questions asked
  • Be open in sharing details and give some details with your answers
  • Do not wear torn/soiled/wrinkled clothing
  • Do not stare at the interviewer
  • Do not display nervous/distracting mannerisms e.g. twisting hair, biting nails, shaking legs
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer
  • Do not ask about your salary and benefits
  • Do not say anything negative about your former company/ bosses/ colleagues

On The Day, Interview   After Interview